5 Important Tips to Save Your Smartphone during this Holi

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Who doesn’t love the festival of colors, Holi? And speaking of festivals, who doesn’t want to capture their precious moments of celebration on their phones? As we all love clicking and capturing our amazing moments on our phones during the time of festivals, there are some safety rules that we should apply for the safeguard of our phones and enjoy our moments more excitingly.

Holi, being the festival of water and colors, involves lots of colors and water for celebration, while in the mood of celebration and joyfulness, we may never know and end up damaging our mobile phones in no time.

As exceptions are always there, there are also some smartphones that are fully waterproof and can easily withstand the submersion of water but in this case, we are talking about the ones which may end up damaged from the splash of water/liquids during the moment of celebration.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to be aware and conscious of the safety of our phones while fully enjoying the beauty of the festival along with it.

Here, we have listed some of the handy tips which you can apply to safeguard your smartphones this Holi while on the other hand capturing your precious moments too.

1. Use Ziplock pouch


Since zip-lock pouch has recently been very famous in protecting mobile phones from water/liquid, it can come very handy in Holi too. As, this type of pouches are widely used for the storage of medicines, food, and other items, one can easily have access to it. And most importantly, these are one of the most affordable and easy ways to protect your phone from colors and water. So, before leaving for celebration, grab a zip-lock pouch, insert your phone, seal it and enjoy your Holi fully.

2. Use waterproof cases and bags

Another way to save your phone is to use waterproof cases or bags which can be easily available in any e-commerce site or nearby accessories store. These waterproof cases or bags are full designed to protect your phones from water and can ensure that your phone is waterproofed. So hurry up and grab one.


3. Never carry multiple devices/gadgets

As most of us have the habit of carrying multiple devices like phones, cameras, earphones, power banks, etc. while going out. Be sure to leave most of these devices at home this Holi as this habit can highly reduce the risk of damaging your precious gadgets. In the mood for celebration, you may never know and end up losing your gadget or damaging it in no time. Therefore, remember to pick up only the important one before leaving home.

(Important tip: If you are not willing to take the phone with you, you can always divert your phone calls to the other person’s number with whom you are celebrating, it can be your friend or any close ones. This way you will not be left anxious worrying about your phone calls from home or other important places.)


4. Remember to conceal the open areas on your phone

It happens to most of us that we leave our homes in a hurry for celebration but at last end up worrying that we didn’t bring up anything for the protection of our phone. Also, sometimes we don’t have enough time to find a pouch or bag for the phone’s protection. During these cases, use adhesive tape to conceal the open parts of your phone such as the USB ports, headphone jack, speakers etc. as it can in some context prevent water from entering inside the device. But remembering and using a pouch or waterproof case always come to the first priority.


5. Leave your phone at home/Use an old phone

If you are the one who is not triggered by nomophobia, i.e. (the fear of being away from your phone), it is best to leave your phone at home as it also prevents the risk of losing it. But on the other hand, if you are the one who can leave your phone in the house but also worry about missing the important calls, the best way is to use an old cellphone, probably the old rugged candy-phones.

Back up all your contacts on the phone to the old one and take the secondary phone with you. This way, you can also prevent the risk of damaging your current phone while won’t miss your important calls too. Thanks to the old rugged keypad phones, it can be a great savior in this kind of situation.

But, what if your smartphone mistakenly meets a Holi accident while you are enjoying your precious moments?

 Here are some of the important tips you can apply to tackle these cases.

1. Use a bowl full of uncooked rice (to draw moisture)


As accidents never come with a warning label in it, so don’t panic if you mistakenly end up splashing water in your phone. At first, never try to power on your phone, if it gets wet as this may highly increase the chance of short circuit and end up damaging the phone. Instead, first eject all the items inserted inside the phone such as MCs, sim cards. Earphones etc. and also the battery (if removable). After that, take a bowl full of uncooked rice and put the phone inside it overnight. It is better to keep the phone in a straight elongated position so that the liquid can run down easily. Using this way, the rice helps to absorb all the moisture present inside the device and possibly help run the device again. If this doesn’t work, immediately take your phone to the nearby mobile repairing shop without further delay.


2. Never use a hairdryer to dry out the moisture

This is one of the most common mistakes that people use to dry out the moisture in their phones. Never use this method as it may help to dry out the moisture in the phone but also may also end up burning the small machinery constituents inside the phone. Therefore, stick with the rice method as it’s the safest one.

Therefore, be aware to apply these important safety tips to safeguard your mobile phones in Holi so that you can enjoy and celebrate your precious moments fully without any disruption or mess. Happy Holi!

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